Update to Adding Video into Evernote

Since I posted my original findings on getting video into Evernote.  Our school has tried a few similar methods.  One was to use the Photo Transfer App to more easily move videos taken and compressed on the iPad to a computer for attachment into a note.  This was definitely faster than the Dropbox method referenced in my first work around post.  However, this update includes instructions for what seems to be the most direct route to getting video into Evernote using the app Video Slimmer ($1.99).  Thank you to John Marshall (@johnwmarshall4) for sharing this information with us on the Evernote forum.

Here is what you need to know.  This app streamlines the process.  You compress and transfer into Evernote from one app rather than two apps and a computer.  John offered some suggestions about video size and quality.  Pay attention to that for maximum compression of video.  Please go to John’s blog for full information about the many ways he has found to get video into Evernote, especially if you need to find a free method.

Side note:  You’ll notice that John’s blog is created with the Postach.io blog platform.  It allows one to create blog posts from Evernote notes.  If you are a teacher looking for a way to publish student work without learning or teaching about blogging platforms, this might be a consideration.  I tried it out and liked how easy it was.  

Directions for using Video Slimmer to get videos into Evernote:

  1. Record your video. (Keep it short, I tend to record around 5 minutes, you can do more depending on your compression, but 10 minutes is probably max).
  2. Open Video Slimmer.
  3. Set your video compression settings. For free accounts I recommend going with ‘Good Quality(50%), Smaller size’ and a video size of 240p. This will typically produce a smaller video of around 1mb per minute (Based on the front facing camera on the iPhone 4s). I believe the Evernote max attachment size is 25mb for free, but the real issue is the 60mb monthly limit. You can do the math on how much video you can upload a month. For premium users you can increase the quality up to 100mb per note. I generally just turn it up a small amount to around 2mb per minute average. I use: Better Quality(68%), Medium with a video size of 240p.
  4. Under Video Source – hit + and select your video.
  5. Tap ‘Slim Now!’ and after a short while your video will be compressed. The app shows the original and slimmed sizes.
  6. Tap the ‘share’ button and choose ‘Open in..’. From the share menu choose ‘Open in Evernote’.

The video will be created in a new note in your default notebook.  Tap the “i” to move it to a different personal notebook.  It will not allow you to save directly to a shared notebook on the iPad. If you need to get the video into a shared notebook, you’ll need to do that on the computer by right-clicking the note and selecting ‘move to notebook’.

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